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You can contact us by calling: (34+) 91.710.95.15 or using the contact form. Link

We have almost 30 years of experience in the sector.
 We are exclusive importers and distributors of several brands.
We are in continuous development and updating.
 Through our website, you can place orders quickly and easily, without a minimum amount, 24 hours a day.
 We have a large stock in our warehouses with a careful selection of top brand products.
 Our systems are connected to the main warehouses in Europe, giving you access to more than 200,000 products in stock at competitive prices.
 You will get special rates in transport and delivery service of 24/48 hours.
 We can send your orders to the address you want at no additional cost.

Our consultants know the products very well. Thanks to continuous training, they are always aware of the latest trends. Our company has already helped thousands of customers find the perfect solution in recent years.

Contact us or use the ticket system in the product sheets to answer your questions about them.

Large projects require special advice. Our Key Account Manager offers you a special contact person to cover your professional needs. Apart from advice, we offer special prices for projects and framework contracts.

Our central warehouse is located in Madrid, at the address:

Ibertronic systems
NEISA SUR Business Activities Park. Building 1.
Avda. Andalucía Km 10,500
28021-Madrid. SPAIN

You can see more detailed information on how to get to our company in this Link.

Our opening hours are:
- From Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
- On Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sistemas Ibertrónica SL official website, entity registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, Volume 3261, Book 0, Folio 1, Section 8, Page M-55450, Registration 1. With registered office at Polígono Activities Empresariales NEISA SUR, Avda. Andalucía Km 10,500, CP 28021- Madrid and CIF B-80377807.

All the products and services provided by Sistemas Ibertrónica S.L. They are subject to current legislation.

You can consult all the general conditions at: Link

Ibertronica is a leader in the sale of professional computer products. Good relationships with European manufacturers and wholesalers avoid costs with intermediaries. This fact gives us the opportunity to offer competitive prices and excellent service.

Before you can place an order you must be registered and logged in. To register, click on this Link.

In the registration process, only a name, an email and two minutes of your time are essential, although to place an order and invoice it, we will need all your data.

In the registration process you will receive an email in the mailbox of that email with an account activation link.

To formalize your order, you must go to your basket, clicking on the cart that will appear at the top of the page, or after adding any product to your purchase. Once in it, at the bottom right you will find a button "Place order" that you must click.

You will then be asked, in this order, for the following information:
1. Billing information-> You can select the billing address assigned by default, any other billing address that you have registered in your address book or create a new one at that time.
In addition, here you can select whether the shipment will be made to the same address or to a different one.
2. If you have selected shipping to a different address, you can now choose any of the shipping addresses that you have registered in your address book, or create a new shipping address.
3. Shipping method-> In this section you will see all the shipping methods (with their corresponding costs) available for your order.
At this point you can choose to pick up your order at any of our approved points of sale, which are close to your home or you can choose to have your order sent to you by any of our transports. In addition, the possibility of collection in our warehouse is also included, so that you can send to your transport or collect your order yourself.
4. Payment information -> You must select a payment method for your order. You will always see all the payment methods available for your purchase, depending on the selected shipping method.
5. Review of the order: You will be shown all the information about your order, you must review it and once you have verified that everything is correct, you will have to click on the "Place the Order" button to formalize it.

When you have finished entering all the data, you will receive confirmation by email that the order has been placed successfully, and that we have received your data correctly.

Our catalog is constantly updated. If you are looking for a product that you cannot find on our website, we recommend that you go to the Eurosearch tool Link.

If you do not find such a product on Eurosearch either, you can contact our off-list department where they will try to locate it. Perhaps it is discontinued or perhaps it is not available at that time, our sales representatives will inform you and give you a suitable alternative to your needs.

ALL the products that appear cataloged on the web ARE AVAILABLE in some way. When we verify that a product we cannot offer it at a certain time, we automatically remove it from the web.

The website offers products for sale in "stock groups". One group is the units that we have in the main warehouse, another is the stock that comes on its way to the main warehouse, another is the stock that a wholesaler in Europe may have, and so on. When one group is exhausted, the website offers a second group for sale, if one exists. When that second group is out of stock as well, the product is marked as "out of stock."

That a product is marked as "out of stock" means that all units in the "stock groups" available today have been reserved.

The product may be available again the next day if a reservation is canceled or if new "stock groups" appear. If you are interested in acquiring a product marked as out of stock and you do not want to wait, use the button "Consult delivery time" that appears in the product file.


The stock data of our main warehouse and the products that are on the way are updated in real time. However, the connection with European warehouses is done once or twice a day only, so orders made with the Eurosearch tool, we confirm them immediately after receiving your order request.

All the products that you order from us are prepared for shipment in a few minutes after grouping them in our main warehouse and are collected by the carriers the same day. If a product is not in stock, we will contact you to offer you all possible alternatives.

The shipping price is calculated based on your order, so when selecting a shipping method for your order, you will be able to see the exact cost of shipping.

NOTE: For shipments outside the peninsula, the transport price DOES NOT INCLUDE, customs management costs or tax settlement, which will be borne by the RECIPIENT. Consult with transport company.

We currently work with TNT, Seur and Ontime. However, if you work with another agency, you can always send it to pick up your order at our facilities.

No problem! Our transport agencies leave you an unsuccessful delivery note. Conveniently arrange a second delivery with the courier. Alternatively you can indicate another delivery address within your city. After 3 unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will be returned to our main warehouse.

If your shipment leaves our warehouse to be delivered to one of the transport companies approved by our website, we automatically track your package and put that information in your customer account as soon as we have it so that you can comfortably follow the status of your package.

We have clients and deliver to almost every country in Europe, although we do not have transport agreements for all of them. If the web does not offer you the cost of transport to your destination address, do not hesitate to contact us.

Of course you can indicate a delivery address other than the billing one. There is no problem with a delivery for example to your work address.

In the case of damage due to transport you will not have a problem. The couriers are responsible for all damages incurred in transport. Please pay attention to obvious damage upon receipt of the package and report it to the courier. To resolve these types of incidents, please contact us.

Our central warehouses are located in Madrid, so if you prefer to travel to our facilities to pick up your order, we will have no problem serving you. Our address is Link.

We currently have cash payment upon collection of the material at our facilities, bank transfer, credit or debit card and Bizum.
You can see more information about payment methods in this Link.

You can cancel your order using the ticket system of the panel or by sending an email to, indicating your order number, as long as the order has not already left the warehouse.

As a general rule, you will receive your paper invoice along with your order.

In addition, from your user panel you can download a copy of it in pdf format.


The guarantee of the products sold by Sistemas Ibertrónica is provided and established by virtue of Royal Legislative Decree 7/2021, of April 27, a legal framework that aims to provide the consumer with different options to demand remediation when the good acquired is not compliant. with the contract.

The products sold through this website have a 3-year warranty period, in accordance with the criteria and conditions described in Royal Legislative Decree 7/2021, of April 27, which approves the revised text of the Law. General for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, except for Refurbished products, which will last 1 year and will be indicated on the product file.

In the event of a defective product, we will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract, steps that will be free for the consumer. The consumer must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months from when he became aware of it. The warranty does not apply to faults or defects caused by accident, negligence or misuse of the product.

When the client is a company, the shipping costs will be paid by the client, since the law on consumer goods does not regulate the sale and purchase between companies. In addition, the guarantee in these cases will be that stipulated by the manufacturer of the product.

The warranty does not cover the non-exhaustive list of the following assumptions:
- Faults produced as a consequence of improper use or outside of the specified environmental conditions, defects in the installation, or wear and tear due to normal use of the equipment.
- Damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake or storm.
- Aesthetic damage or scratches on plastic materials such as housings.
- LCD panels or screens with visible scratches or cracks.
- Damage caused by impacts with other objects, falls, spilled liquids or immersion in liquids.
- Failure as a consequence of manipulations carried out by unauthorized technicians, as well as subsequent modifications or extensions not included in the original configuration.
- Problems due to compatibility or installation of peripherals or software acquired from third parties.
- Errors related to configuration errors, software incompatibilities and computer viruses.
- Consumable parts.
- Installation, reviews, cleaning, updates, consumables, transfers or reinstallation of any kind.
- Loss or recoveries of data, and any damage that may arise from it. It is the responsibility of the customer or user to make the necessary backup copies. - Damage by accident, abuse, misuse or improper applications.
- Deterioration due to normal use, including carrying bag, plastic cases, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, manuals and batteries.
- Any breakdown or damage if the serial number and barcode label of the product or any of its components has been modified, erased or removed.

Any manufacturer that has a guarantee greater than 3 years established by the current Law, must be processed directly with the manufacturer, not being the responsibility of such supposed Ibertrónica Systems.

In case of doubt about the applicability of the previous guarantee conditions, the applicability of the same will be the sole criterion of Sistemas Ibertrónica.

Withdrawal / unilateral revocation of the requested order: In accordance with the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, the client (consumers or users are considered only natural or legal persons that acquire, use or enjoy the product as final recipients) will have the right to revoke the requested order within a period of 14 days from receipt thereof, after notifying Sistemas Ibertrónica within that period, so that The appropriate return channels are established (return number, and form and delivery address of the return shipment), with a refund of the price only of the product that had been paid for it. In case of exercising this right of withdrawal, the return costs will be paid by the customer.

Returns are not allowed in the following cases:
- Material purchased on request and imported expressly to meet your order.
- The supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or clearly personalized, such as computers configured on demand or articles on request.
- Return of products with a gift or promotion. The complete return (item + gift) will be mandatory in order to proceed with the refund. In the case of products that include game download codes, it will be a requirement not to have downloaded them in order to pay them.
- The supply of digital content that is not provided on a material support when the execution has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and user with the knowledge on their part that they consequently lose their right of withdrawal.
- The supply of sealed sound or video recordings or sealed computer programs that have been unsealed by the consumer and user after delivery.

The expenses caused by the return of the material will be borne by the customer.

Shipping costs will not be paid. The payment of the returned material will be made in your account having the option to exchange it for another from our catalog, for the amount of the returned product.

Sistemas Ibertrónica reserves the right to refund or not the amount of the purchase depending on the particular situation of each order.

All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging with all the accessories it contains, in perfect condition and protected, avoiding stickers, seals or adhesive tapes directly on the surface or packaging of the item.

If you are an end user, you can exercise your right of withdrawal by filling in the form that you will find in the following LINK

Sistemas Ibertrónica has a department of R.M.A. For your customers. This department is in charge of managing the receipt of merchandise sent by them, through an authorization number. To get that authorization number, you must fill out this Formulario.

Once you obtain that authorization number, you must send us the merchandise along with the form and photocopy of the invoice, clearly indicating the R.M.A. number on the outside of the package. Any shipment that does not meet these conditions will be rejected.

The material must be received at our perfectly protected address. Transportation costs are shared between both parties, so that Sistemas Ibertrónica will pay the shipping costs back to the customer during the first year if the destination address is within Spanish territory and only on the peninsula. The customer must bear the cost of shipping or all costs (round trip) in case it is verified that the material did not present any operating problem. Likewise and only in this case, the client must pay the expenses of the technical department if they are perceptual.

Our address is:
Sistemas Ibertrónica
NEISA SUR Business Activities Park.
Avda. Andalucía Km 10,500
28021-Madrid. SPAIN

Phones: + 34-91.710.95.15 / 902.40.90.00
RMA Fax: + 34-91.475.07.24

Hours: M-Th 8: 00-17: 00 - Fri 8: 00-16: 00

For any questions or queries, you can contact Mail: Dpto-RMA

Resolution of online disputes in consumer matters in accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform that is available at the following link: https: // ec.

To file a complaint or claim, you can send us an email through our contact form.

For your security, your keys are encrypted and could not be transferred to the new website. You must register on the new website with your email and a password chosen by you.

Once registered, when you access your user panel, you can request to be recognized as a distributor of computer products. To do this, you must attach the required information. Once verified, you will be activated as a distributor in our system.

On our website the prices of the products appear with and without VAT included.

The prices shown on the web are only valid until the end of existence.